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Are you trying to find unbiased Regal Assets reviews? Well your search is over as this is the most unbiased of the Regal Assets reviews that is available. What you will see here is the truth about Regal Assets including the thoughts of actual users – you will get the facts here and no hype. Our team has extensively researched the Regal Assets company and the service that they provide.

At Sure Reviews we believe in providing you with the facts so that you can make the right decision. Reading a Regal Assets review that is biased will not help you in the least. If you want to rollover your IRA into gold or crypto currencies for example you want to be sure that you can trust Regal Assets to take care of you. So here you will find the real truth about Regal Assets.

We know that people really want unbiased Regal Assets reviews and to be honest they are very rare. This is probably the only one out there. Publishing unbiased reviews is what we do here at Sure Reviews and you will never see anything else on our website. We know that you want the facts and real feedback from users so that is what we provide.

It is essential that you assess whether using the Regal Assets company is the right thing for you to do for your precious metals and crypto currency investments. The team here are very confident that once you have read this Regal Assets review you will be in a position to make that decision. After reading the reviews from real people that have used the Regal Assets service you will know what to do.

All we do at Sure Reviews is provide the facts about a product or a service (and a company) and look for evidence through actual user feedback that they provide the service that they claim. You can rely on us to provide you with the facts.

Don’t waste your time with biased Regal Assets reviews here is your totally unbiased review:

Product Report

Regal Assets Reviews

The Regal Assets company claim that they are the highest rated alternative assets firm in the United States.

They also claim that they have recognition from reputable organizations such as Forbes, the Huffington Post, Bloomberg and Smart Money.

Regal Assets claim that they have a mission to be a one stop shop for all investors when it comes to precious metals and investing in cryptos.

They say that they specialize in helping individual investors add the alternative investments of precious metals and cryptos to their portfolios and retirement accounts.

They claim that since they were founded they have helped thousands of Americans transfer IRA, 401 k and other plans into precious metals and cryptos.

Regal Assets say that they have maintained the highest rating profile in the precious metal industry for 9 years consecutively.

They claim that investors can relax when they are dealing with the Regal Assets company because they are the most trusted in the business.

The company states that they put their customers first and provide them with all the information they need to be comfortable with their investments.

Customer Feedback And Review

Sure Reviews Rating 4.5 Stars

What the customers said:


“Once the IRA was transferred, the process moved along as expeditiously as I could have wanted.

Regal Assets did a good job answering the nuanced questions I had.

They, obviously know their subject”.

From an actual user on


“Safest Place for your hard earned money

Investing in precious metals & crypto…”

From an actual user on


“Everyone we dealt with at Regal Assets was professional, patient and very knowledgeable.

They acted quickly and helped me to roll my self directed IRA into crypto currency.

It was easy and efficient. I highly recommend them”.

From an actual user on


According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased non-vested comments) the Regal Assets company seems to provide one of the best precious metals and crypto currency alternative investment services available.

We did uncover a small number of negative reviews about the Regal Assets company.

But the vast majority of customer reviews were positive.


The Sure Reviews Regal Assets Reviews Verdict

Regal Assets provide excellent advice and service for investing in precious metals and crypto.

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Product Specifications

Product Creator:

The founder of Regal Assets is Tyler Gallagher.

He founded Regal Assets in 2009 as a young entrepreneur with a $5000 investment.

Gallagher had a vision to simplify rejuvenate and innovate in the alternative investment industry.

In 2018 Gallagher became a member of the prestigious Forbes Finance Council.
This is an “invitation only” organization for senior leaders in the finance world.

Product Details:

Regal Assets provides segregated vault maximum security storage for the precious metals held by their customers.

They provide a comprehensive free gold IRA rollover kit that explains the benefits of converting an IRA to gold.

For people interested in investing in crypto currency Regal Assets provides a free crypto IRA kit.

With IRA rollovers Regal Assets simplifies the complex process and take care of all of the details for the customers.

Regal Assets provide a 7 day guarantee on shipping of direct purchases. The industry average is between 15 and 30 days.

The people employed by Regal Assets are very knowledgeable and helpful and never pushy.

Customers can choose to diversify their investments in precious metals and crypto currencies.

All fees are waived for the first year.

Regal Assets are recognized by organizations such as Forbes, Smart Money, Bloomberg, Inc. Magazine, the Huffington Post and more.


The minimum investment amount is $5000 and there is no maximum.


Fees are waived for the first year

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All of the other Regal Assets Reviews 2020 that you see are very likely to be biased. A biased review will try to persuade you that you need to purchase a product, use a service or work with a company. We are not trying to persuade you to do anything. We just want you to have all of the facts and the real user feedback that you need to make your own decision.

You will always find actual user feedback in all of our reviews because it is so important for you. We do not believe that any Regal Assets review is complete without this. The Sure Reviews team hope that the information in this Regal Assets review will provide you with everything that you need to make the right decision about working with the company.

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Many thanks for taking the time to read our Regal Assets reviews with no bias and real user feedback.

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