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If you are looking for a totally unbiased and hype free Super Affiliate System review or Super Affiliate System 3.0 review this is the place for it. We have thoroughly researched the program and found real reviews from real users.

Sometimes people refer to this John Crestani course as the “Internet Jetset” so you can consider this to be an Internet Jetset review as the course is the same. We are often asked if the Super Affiliate System is a John Crestani scam. John Crestani is a very respected online marketer who is never involved in any scams.

This is not just a John Crestani review. It is a review of his product “the Super Affiliate System”. We hope that makes sense to you and we are pleased to bring you our product report below.

It is going to be very challenging for you to find a truly unbiased Super Affiliate System review 2020 like this one. Trying to locate real user reviews is tough as well as most product reviews don’t contain these. Right here you have all of the critical information that you require to decide whether you should invest in the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani.

When you read through other biased reviews that contain a ton of hype it is not a good experience. We created the Sure Reviews site to bring you completely unbiased and hype free reviews. Our intention is to provide you with the essential details you need to know and uncover the truth about products and services.

Once you have read this review we are extremely confident that you will know if the product is right for you or not. This is because we present you with the most important facts about the product so that you will always make the right decision about it.

The goal of the Sure Reviews team is to always present you with the most important details about a product or service – in our opinion these are actual user feedback and the key facts about the product. Nothing else really matters. You don’t need to read a lengthy review to know if a product is right for you or not. It is all here for you in your unbiased super affiliate system review.

Product Report

Super Affiliate System Review John Crestani

The Super Affiliate System claims to provide training to create a 6 figure online business by using proven profitable ads that the user just has to copy and paste. It is a 6 week training course that shows the user exactly what they need to do to create profitable ad campaigns and avoid the mistakes that most people make.

The program has thousands of students from all over the world of all ages that are experiencing results. Students of the program learn how to set up profitable ad campaigns and scale their online businesses.

There is a membership area with the program and a number of resources including a forum and live webinars with the product creator John Crestani. Students will have access to proven done for you campaigns.

Customer Feedback And Review

Sure Reviews Rating 4.5 Stars

What the customers said:


“My first run and I made $1500 today running an SEO offer. It was a great day. Thank you John…”

From an actual user on


“I loved John’s program and going through it. He preaches “do the work” which most lazy people these days don’t want to do. But just know that John’s methods are all about “paid” advertising.

It’s not free advertising as a focus, but it is a road map to success for sure…”

From an actual user on


“An awesome start to my day. My first sale ever. Thank you John because all I did was what you said to do…”

From an actual user on


According to the general online consensus (where research is based on unbiased non-vested comments) the Super Affiliate System seems to have worked for the majority of those customers that tried it. It was difficult to find real negative comments about the program other than users need to spend money on paid advertising.


The Sure Reviews Super Affiliate System Review Verdict

The Super Affiliate System does work as claimed and provides proven techniques to make affiliate commissions through paid advertising.

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Product Specifications

Product Creator:

The creator of the Super Affiliate System is John Crestani. He is a multi millionaire online business owner who has been featured by Forbes and Business Insider. The program is now at version 3 and is regularly updated.

Product Details:

This training program is delivered totally online. Each customer receives access to the secure website and has the support of a dedicated team.

At the time of publishing this Super Affiliate System review there are five related bonuses with each one time fee membership.




There is a 60 day money back guarantee

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Most of the Super Affiliate System reviews that you will see are biased and often contain hype. Our Super Affiliate System review 2020 is based on user experience and facts. We hope that it helped you to make an informed purchase decision.

When you read other reviews about the Super Affiliate System you will discover that they have a great deal of bias in them. Why is this the case? It is simply because the review writer is doing everything that they can to persuade you to buy the product because they want a commission. They do not put the reader first like we do.

That’s why you will find actual user feedback included in all reviews from Sure Reviews. There is nothing more important than this to judge whether a product is a good idea or not. We hope that this review of the Super Affiliate System provided you with all of the information that you need to make the right buying decision.

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Thank you for reading our Super Affiliate System review.

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